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In A Bookless World
Imagine a world without books. I wouldn’t be able to travel to other worlds. I wouldn’t befriend the characters of...
I’ll always remember your sweet face.Your gentle words and ways.You only spoke to heal, not hurt.You let me lean on...
Spark of Life
I saw you smile and I gazed Was there anything that would make a person smile in my wounded city?...
A Goodbye
A cold marble column, a plaster decorated ceiling—all still with lifelessness. Bright pink flowers on a canvas hanging above a...
A gust of wind blows carrying rain It hits my face But I’m not bothered It’s nature reminding us That...
My Speech at Malaysia Conference
Standing with Palestinian ex-prisoner Samar Sbeih
writer girl
Healing Words
I owe you so much. When you came into my life, I learned to laugh again. Not because you kept...
Life Flies
Life is flying by too quickly for me and I can’t hold on. Like I’m in a race car without...
Heart and Mind
At times she wondered what her life would’ve been like if she’d spent the greater part of it in beauty...
My Homeland
They asked me if I wanted to go back to my country, and I said yes.  ‘But you’ll get killed...
This one
My Child
She loved to caress her child as he slept in her arms. He was getting too big to be held,...
Till death do us part
The assortment of flowers he bought was always unique. Sometimes it was all red roses, sometimes white carnations and daffodils....
Untrodden Lands
I think of all the places I haven’t been to. To see waterfalls, I turn to the virtual world created...
Letting Go
The echo of your laughter still resonates in my ears. The warmth of your voice still soothes my heart. Time...
A Force of Nature
The spark of life in your eyes never died. Even after you were beaten and tortured by the occupation beasts....
A Vast Place
No matter how far I go, please be assured that I’ll come back to you. The world outside is vast,...
A New Friend
My hands shivered as I tread the trail deep in the forest. But you interlocked your fingers around mine and...
The Eternal Kiss
His forehead was warm,  Unlike the dead  His blood was still trickling down his divine face It had a fragrance...
The Light above
Once I got to escape my besieged city for a few days.  The people outside have different facial features. The...
I’m glad we met before the world started leaving its marks on my face. I was young and vibrant. My...

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Rana Shubair is a Palestinian writer. She specializes in English language training, testing and translation. Working with young people has given her the chance to understand their dreams and the energy that lies within. She sees her job as a chance to instill hope and motivation in their lives so they may take towards accomplishing their dreams.

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