Rana Shubair

Only You

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Your love runs deep. I tried to forget you like so many others have. I told myself that I could start a life somewhere else, somewhere better.

How about a place with enchanting landscapes and waters? A place where the song of birds isn’t disrupted by warplanes. A place where stargazing is a peaceful diversion, a mesmerizing journey of its own.

A place with expansive green-coated hills and perfumed lavender fields. A place where anemones bob playfully upon hearing the laughter of children.  

It would be nice, if only I didn’t have to leave my homeland behind. There’s a constant battel to quell my whims. I listen to the beating of my heart which say: I shall never abandon you. 

I can only feel at home with you.

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  1. Love for the motherland, Palestine and the hope that a better time is yet to come. I don’t know about poetry and I’m not a critic, but that makes me feel

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