Rana Shubair

Your Return

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Rain was pelting against my window as I sat alone. It was a mercilessly long cold winter that turned everything to ice, except my heart.

Your face and your words warmed my heart that was stung by the freezing air. You told me to hold on, to wait untill you came back.

I pushed the days and long grueling nights.

I dreamed of you, of us running down the lush green fields where sunflowers bloomed and swayed. They were dancing to our hearty laughter.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself gripping my blanket which was as black as the night.

I persevered and kept crossing out the days on my calendar. Once I heard a squelching of feet on the moist grass outside my door and I sprang up to the window believing it was you. My sense of hearing being heightened by your absence, I was receptive to any sound that heralded your return.

A hazy dawn broke, the rumbling of enemy warplanes faded, and a truce was announced. The rain persisted, but I pushed the window open. I called out your name amidst the silence of that holy hour. My call was answered by a galloping of a horse from afar. I dared to look down.

My body driven by an internal force as I dashed down the stairs, my heart thudding in my ears.

I stopped in my tracks to see if it was really you. Your hair was soaking wet and little droplets streamed down your face as you engulfed me in your arms.

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