Rana Shubair

Untrodden Lands

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I think of all the places I haven’t been to.

To see waterfalls, I turn to the virtual world created by humans. But it’s not enough to entrance me. I want to hear the burble of waterfalls and feel it splashing against my skin. I want to run amongst the trees and feel the crushing of autumn leaves under my feet. I want my soul to feel the ecstasy as I listen to the music of birds. I want to behold the top of mountains and feel the adrenaline rush as I sit on its summit.

I’d think that I shouldn’t have to go too far. After all, Palestine, all of Palestine has some of the most astonishing landscapes, lakes, greenery and we’re deprived from enjoying it. The occupier bans us from visiting our own country.

It’s not fair to be locked up in an open-air prison. To be deprived of living like normal people do. It’s not fair that our children have to grow up in this suffocating environment where they can’t enjoy their basic rights as children do elsewhere. It’s not fair that they learn war terminology. It’s not fair that they live in fear and instability.

Life without freedom is lifeless.

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