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My affinity to you grows by day.

People come and go, but you stay.

You’re rooted deep down in my heart and I can’t let go.

You’re my weak spot.

Your soil is mixed with my cells.

your light evening breeze cradles my soul.

Many have deserted you and walked away. Some were happy to rid themselves of anything related to you. They shed their skin and wore a disguise to alienate themselves from you.

But our love story is unique in every way.

 You’re my weak spot, and I could never let go of you.

Your soil is mixed my cells, and the light evening breeze cradles my soul.

You’re a force that empowers my feeble body and urges me to go on. You’re a sweet melody that pacifies my heart. You mend my wounds although I can’t mend yours. I promise to love you till the last breath of life.

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