Rana Shubair

Heart and Mind

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At times she wondered what her life would’ve been like if she’d spent the greater part of it in beauty salons.

There were women who had weekly appointments for beauty sessions. It was a luxury she couldn’t afford— mentally.  Many times, she’d tell herself to take make up or hair styling tutorials, but something monumental stood in her way.

She’d often contemplate her overworked hands, her stiff neck and tired eyes and think how time was working against her.

She ran into people with perfect appearances. The soft glowing hands, the relaxed faces, the playful eyes.

Her own heart was still a child’s. The spontaneity of it. She learned the hard way that she needed to harness it, yet the challenges the stood in her way many times became too monumental to overcome. The incessant buzzing of drones, and the sudden eruption of attacks.

That’s why she decided that the life of the mind was her joy. There was always a battle inside her about whether to spend two hours learning how to put on eye shadow, or delve into a good book that can take her to another land. It wasn’t a battle between her mind or heart. It was more between her whims on one side, and her mind and heart.

When she met him, he was the same.

He was a seeker of knowledge. His ways were refined, taking measured steps and rising above the crowd. His humility was a cause for people to notice and look up to him.

The contentious battle would be resolved once and for all. The life of the mind would be her way to an infinite life.   

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