Rana Shubair

A Force of Nature

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The spark of life in your eyes never died. Even after you were beaten and tortured by the occupation beasts. The force to live was more powerful than their attempts to crush you. You took unfaltering steps, you knew your path.

Many a time I glimpsed a tear streaming down your face as you prayed. You pushed your worldly desires away.

Every now and then you’d look into my eyes willing me to understand what your heart felt. I knew… but I never dared to speak. I knew that a great force was pulling you up and away from me. That your soul was hungry for something not found on earth. I knew the deep calling and yearning that stole you from me, but I didn’t dare to stand in your way.

The injustice we suffer at the hands of our oppressor is enough to turn us all into freedom fighters. I never blamed you, but I’m still trying to forgive you for leaving me to tread my path alone. I’m waiting for you to visit me in my dreams.

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