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Rana Shubair is a Palestinian writer. She specializes in English language training, testing and translation. Working with young people has given her the chance to understand their dreams and the energy that lies within. She sees her job as a chance to instill hope and motivation in their lives so they may take towards accomplishing their dreams.

Rana has lived through all the turbulences and major events, which took place in her country. The intelligent youth of Gaza persevering under the Siege and the stalwart widows who struggle to care for their children have all inspired her to tell the world her story. Rana currently lives in Gaza with her family and has lived a part of her life in the USA.

Rana started writing at a young age and published works on women and Gaza on numerous websites like opendemocracy.net. She’s a mother of three and hopes one day her children will travel to see the world that exists outside Gaza.

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