Rana Shubair

Healing Words

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I owe you so much. When you came into my life, I learned to laugh again. Not because you kept telling me jokes. You made me feel worthy. You listened to the words I said. You read my writing and told me I was the best writer ever.

It was rare that others acknowledged my existence. Not many people like to give praise or words of encouragement to a person. But you did. You came into my life for a short time. I was animated to write more so I could hear your praise. I realized that God sends people into our lives for a purpose, then they go their ways. Nothing is stable—even people are temporary.

It made me wonder what words can do to us. Words can heal. And they can also hurt. It doesn’t cost anything to speak nicely of someone. If someone is beautiful, tell them. If someone is smart, tell them. If someone has talent, tell them. Words can make or break a person. Let’s use them wisely.  
When you left, I had enough confidence to believe in myself. Even if the whole world stood against me, I knew I’d be fine. I learned to let go of people, and cling to God.

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