Rana Shubair

The Light above

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Once I got to escape my besieged city for a few days. 

The people outside have different facial features. The sun beams upon their faces making them shine and tickle with laughter. Their roads are vast. A network of highways, railways and subways take people to their destinations. Rivers flow beneath the highways and it feels like treading on water. 

The breadth of their seashore is overwhelming. The sea waves come and go kissing the shoreline. I ponder how the sea in my besieged city is more vigorous and knows no calm. 

The shores are offset by monumental ridges which exhibit nature’s dominance. Some of those ridges extend into the sea and the waves keep crashing upon them. It’s a lifelong battle between the sea and the rocks where no winner is claimed. 

These people’s nature is plentiful, unbound and untamed. Wild horses are a force of nature themselves—just as untamed. 

 Trees shrubs, mosses, wildflowers and other kinds I’ve never set eyes on. Lush green slopes where people roll down for fun.  I find a long path flanked by endless rows of towering pine trees. My imagination runs wild. Is this the path that leads into a dream land? I’m excited to discover where the trail will take me. I take a deep breath and tread lightly. 

Before I take another step, I’m startled by the screeching of strange kinds of birds. They’re flapping their wings hurriedly. They spread their wings and form a circle. They’re carrying something translucent. It must be so light if birds can fly away with it. A strong musky aroma permeates the air. The pine tree branches all sway. My knees are shaking as I behold the magical display. The birds soar higher, as if carrying a precious jewel and I see a face up high. It’s the face of a martyr from my homeland.

I turn around and run back home to bid the martyrs farewell before they’re taken away. 

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