Rana Shubair

The Eternal Kiss

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His forehead was warm, 

Unlike the dead 

His blood was still trickling down his divine face

It had a fragrance

Unknown to her

She’d never smelt anything so heavenly

She gently wiped some of it with a tissue

And promised to cherish it forever 

His smile was mysterious

His eyes were closed

But he was seeing something

Or someone was calling him 

He looked so peaceful and content

As much as she longed for him

She didn’t want to wake him up

She didn’t want to shake him

And will him to come to life

She stroked his hair

She pressed her cheeks against his lightly for fear of disturbing his sleep

She kissed his forehead

one last time

Then she was brought back to earth by the loud voices surrounding her

To let go of him

To release him

He must be taken to his resting place

His time with her has elapsed 

He’s no longer hers

She felt hands pulling her back 

She screamed

As she tried to let go 

to throw her feeble body over his

She wanted to go with him 

He was still smiling 

A circle of light surrounding him

She couldn’t remember ever seeing him this handsome

Even when their eyes first met

Peace washed over her

As if her thirst was quenched

As if an angelic hand was stroking her 

Pacifying her wrecked heart

It will be a long wait, 

But they will be together

In eternity 

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