In A Bookless World

Imagine a world without books. I wouldn’t be able to travel to other worlds. I wouldn’t befriend the characters of a novel and go on journeys with them. I would have a hard time putting myself to sleep. Being bookless would mean I’m poor. But my biggest fear is that I’d have to find people […]

Spark of Life

I saw you smile and I gazed Was there anything that would make a person smile in my wounded city? Your eyes sparkled with love Your face beamed The sound of your hearty laugh My heart skipped I realized that we are a happy people by nature No matter how much our oppressor tries to […]

Till death do us part

The assortment of flowers he bought was always unique. Sometimes it was all red roses, sometimes white carnations and daffodils. When he handed me the bouquet my heart raced, its beauty was captivating. This was a person who valued all things exquisite.  His style of clothing was just as attractive. He preferred the neat casual […]

Untrodden Lands

I think of all the places I haven’t been to. To see waterfalls, I turn to the virtual world created by humans. But it’s not enough to entrance me. I want to hear the burble of waterfalls and feel it splashing against my skin. I want to run amongst the trees and feel the crushing […]

A Vast Place

No matter how far I go, please be assured that I’ll come back to you. The world outside is vast, full of commotion and hustle. Its expansiveness is too distracting for my peace of mind. I’m more familiar with my besieged city and its ways. People outside don’t follow the news so much. It’s not […]

A New Friend

My hands shivered as I tread the trail deep in the forest. But you interlocked your fingers around mine and said not to be scared.  ‘Nature is our friend,’ you assured me. ‘It doesn’t hurt or attack or maim.’  My breathing eased and I took a step. I wondered why my limbs were so tense. […]