My Homeland

They asked me if I wanted to go back to my country, and I said yes.  ‘But you’ll get killed over there,’ they warned. I was only 14 back then, but my intuitive response was, ‘But it’s my country.’ People have their own countries, don’t they? They wave their flags with pride. I’m no different. […]

Untrodden Lands

I think of all the places I haven’t been to. To see waterfalls, I turn to the virtual world created by humans. But it’s not enough to entrance me. I want to hear the burble of waterfalls and feel it splashing against my skin. I want to run amongst the trees and feel the crushing […]

Weddings in Gaza

If you ask any woman here what would she do to not miss a wedding, the answer would be: Anything! Weddings have always held prominence among social activities in Palestinian society. When I was young—too young to go to weddings, I remember the way grownups talked about them. The day would start very early around 6:00 am. […]