Your Return

Rain was pelting against my window as I sat alone. It was a mercilessly long cold winter that turned everything to ice, except my heart. Your face and your words warmed my heart that was stung by the freezing air. You told me to hold on, to wait untill you came back. I pushed the […]

My World

My affinity to you grows by day. People come and go, but you stay. You’re rooted deep down in my heart and I can’t let go. You’re my weak spot. Your soil is mixed with my cells. your light evening breeze cradles my soul. Many have deserted you and walked away. Some were happy to […]

Only You

Palestine is my homeland. A place with expansive green-coated hills and perfumed lavender fields. As they there’s no place like home.

Another Attack

Releasing emotions I thought I had a lot to say after the last military attack over Gaza. I wanted to pour out my heart and vengeance and tell the world what had happened. But somehow after the truce was announced, and in an attempt to find some relief, I found myself doing mundane cleaning to […]

In A Bookless World

Reading isn’t only a habit. It’s an escape from the harsh reality I live under. The occupation and oppression. It’s part of my healing.

Never Forgotten

I’ll always remember your sweet face.Your gentle words and ways.You only spoke to heal, not hurt.You let me lean on your shoulder when I was down.You held my hand when I was scared.You told me to have faith, to have hope.You assured me that injustice doesn’t prevail, that better days were coming.That beauty of manners […]