Heart and Mind

At times she wondered what her life would’ve been like if she’d spent the greater part of it in beauty salons. There were women who had weekly appointments for beauty sessions. It was a luxury she couldn’t afford— mentally.  Many times, she’d tell herself to take make up or hair styling tutorials, but something monumental […]

Till death do us part

The assortment of flowers he bought was always unique. Sometimes it was all red roses, sometimes white carnations and daffodils. When he handed me the bouquet my heart raced, its beauty was captivating. This was a person who valued all things exquisite.  His style of clothing was just as attractive. He preferred the neat casual […]

Letting Go

The echo of your laughter still resonates in my ears. The warmth of your voice still soothes my heart. Time was on your side, you always looked handsome. My world evolved around you. Sometimes I’d scold myself for getting so attached to you. I kept reminding myself that you were never wholly mine. You belonged […]

A Vast Place

No matter how far I go, please be assured that I’ll come back to you. The world outside is vast, full of commotion and hustle. Its expansiveness is too distracting for my peace of mind. I’m more familiar with my besieged city and its ways. People outside don’t follow the news so much. It’s not […]

The Eternal Kiss

His forehead was warm,  Unlike the dead  His blood was still trickling down his divine face It had a fragrance Unknown to her She’d never smelt anything so heavenly She gently wiped some of it with a tissue And promised to cherish it forever  His smile was mysterious His eyes were closed But he was […]

The Light above

Once I got to escape my besieged city for a few days.  The people outside have different facial features. The sun beams upon their faces making them shine and tickle with laughter. Their roads are vast. A network of highways, railways and subways take people to their destinations. Rivers flow beneath the highways and it […]