Sounds and Sights in Gaza

I’m trying to enjoy solitude as I sit and write away. I’ve kept the windows closed in a desperate attempt to block the noisy bustle outside. That way I can pretend it’s still early morning and my muse doesn’t escape. Despite this, some sounds penetrate the windows. The buzzing Israeli drone, the rumbling of cars […]

Mornings in Gaza

It’s morning, and I’m having my coffee. I like it warm. In fact, one of the things that irritates me is leaving coffee to turn cold. Coffee is a ritual for me. It tells me it’s time to sit down, slow the pace and savor the moment. I can’t chug it, or drink part of […]

Weddings in Gaza

If you ask any woman here what would she do to not miss a wedding, the answer would be: Anything! Weddings have always held prominence among social activities in Palestinian society. When I was young—too young to go to weddings, I remember the way grownups talked about them. The day would start very early around 6:00 am. […]

In Gaza, writing Heals

I’m a survivor. Not only of recurring Israeli military attacks, but a survivor of being a resident of Gaza.  But what does it mean to be from Gaza? To live there. To be besieged (under military siege) in a big cage, or an open-air prison, or yet a concentration camp. Amidst the chaotic life of […]

After the ceasefire, I struggle to imagine what is a normal life

Originally published at After 11 days of pure horror, on May 21, 2021, a ceasefire was announced between Israel and Hamas. I, like everyone else in Gaza, waited for the clock to strike 2:00 a.m., the time the detente would take effect. In the countdown, I pressed my jaw and held my breath. Past […]