A Goodbye

Losing a childhood friend is more than losing a person. It’s losing a part of you because you shared many happy moments together.


A gust of wind blows carrying rain It hits my face But I’m not bothered It’s nature reminding us That it’s a powerful force That can crush oppressors It can deem their weapons futile It can shake up their insides Twist and hurl them to faraway lands Where they become nameless The sea rises high […]

Life Flies

Life is flying by too quickly for me and I can’t hold on. Like I’m in a race car without a gear. Too much happening all at once. I try my best to understand this by having these conversations inside my head. When I was growing up, the pace was much slower. Everything took time. […]

Heart and Mind

At times she wondered what her life would’ve been like if she’d spent the greater part of it in beauty salons. There were women who had weekly appointments for beauty sessions. It was a luxury she couldn’t afford— mentally.  Many times, she’d tell herself to take make up or hair styling tutorials, but something monumental […]

My Homeland

They asked me if I wanted to go back to my country, and I said yes.  ‘But you’ll get killed over there,’ they warned. I was only 14 back then, but my intuitive response was, ‘But it’s my country.’ People have their own countries, don’t they? They wave their flags with pride. I’m no different. […]

Untrodden Lands

I think of all the places I haven’t been to. To see waterfalls, I turn to the virtual world created by humans. But it’s not enough to entrance me. I want to hear the burble of waterfalls and feel it splashing against my skin. I want to run amongst the trees and feel the crushing […]