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The only thing that’s keeping me alive is knowing I’ll meet you in Heaven. That if I push the days and keep moving, I’ll eventually make it there. I’m on the journey to you.

All the wrinkles which time has engraved on my face have faded. The scars and blemishes have been replaced with translucent skin. My hair bounces as I leap among the rose gardens. I extend my hand and an exotic butterfly lands on it, another tickles my hair.

Along the vast meadow I see a horse galloping my way. I run towards it and rest my face on his. ‘I’ll call you Salam, ‘ I whisper to him. I stroke his mane and feel peace washing over me. My breathing is relaxed. I jump on the Salam’s back. He knows where you are. You’re waiting under a tree. It looks a lot like the one we sat under when we were alive in the world. But this one is unbelievably vast, its shade extends to unfathomable distances. Everything there is limitless and timeless. The burbling of waters, the songs of birds are all a new kind of music to my ears.

Finally, I’m at the tree. You’re standing there wearing silk apparel. I reach out and stroke it to feel its touch. Your face is tranquil. You welcome me home.

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