Rana Shubair

A New Friend

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My hands shivered as I tread the trail deep in the forest. But you interlocked your fingers around mine and said not to be scared. 

‘Nature is our friend,’ you assured me. ‘It doesn’t hurt or attack or maim.’ 

My breathing eased and I took a step. I wondered why my limbs were so tense. Why did I lack the relaxed features? Why did thoughts race endlessly in my overworked mind? 

A moment of peace works wonders. 

I gaze up at the towering trees. Little eyes peek at me, and I smile. The creatures are my new friends. They let me walk down their territory, and I let them be. 

It fascinated me how these creatures were obeying the laws of nature. They coexist with each other. No wars broke out. No trespassing, no attacks, no greed, no injustice. 

You held my hand up and told me to keep it up in the air. I lifted it up, and a beautiful colorful bird landed on it. My hand shivered, but I was at peace. I had a new friend. 

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