Those Who Walk Away from Gaza

Their shoulders slumped as they treaded their dark city. Eyes gazing, but not looking at anything specific. A disoriented look on their bewildered faces. Searching for something, but not finding it.  On streets, buildings caved in on them like grotesque monsters. Many boasted fancy facades, and illuminated signs hung over shops and restaurants. But the […]

Out There

They tell me it’s a vast world out there. That if I were to leave this place, I’d see for myself. That the lush green landscapes will stupefy me. That I can drive a car for hours on a road with mountains and waterfall overlooking. That driving itself is relieving and something one can do […]

In Gaza, writing Heals

I’m a survivor. Not only of recurring Israeli military attacks, but a survivor of being a resident of Gaza.  But what does it mean to be from Gaza? To live there. To be besieged (under military siege) in a big cage, or an open-air prison, or yet a concentration camp. Amidst the chaotic life of […]

My Lover is a Freedom Fighter

When people around the world hear of Gaza, or Palestine, the first thing that comes to their minds is death and destruction. I can’t blame them for that because we’ve been defined by these two words for a long time. Living under a blockade that has entered its 14th year now, and being attacked from […]