Your Return

Rain was pelting against my window as I sat alone. It was a mercilessly long cold winter that turned everything to ice, except my heart. Your face and your words warmed my heart that was stung by the freezing air. You told me to hold on, to wait untill you came back. I pushed the […]

Fading Beauty

Fading beauty

Your beauty is impeccable. You’re the embodiment of perfection. I like to contemplate your face and relaxed gestures to see what a free person looks like. You laugh heartly. You run your hands through your wavy hair calmly, and you give out smiles so casually. You’re not war-torn. Beauty reminds me of the many things […]

Life Flies

Life is flying by too quickly for me and I can’t hold on. Like I’m in a race car without a gear. Too much happening all at once. I try my best to understand this by having these conversations inside my head. When I was growing up, the pace was much slower. Everything took time. […]

Heart and Mind

At times she wondered what her life would’ve been like if she’d spent the greater part of it in beauty salons. There were women who had weekly appointments for beauty sessions. It was a luxury she couldn’t afford— mentally.  Many times, she’d tell herself to take make up or hair styling tutorials, but something monumental […]

Another New Year

  I can still remember the last time I got excited over New Years. There was still an amount of spark within me that hadn’t been killed yet. I’d scold my husband for his lack of festive spirit.  Back then, there were no grand fireworks festivals, so I’d sit at home waiting for the clock […]