Fading Beauty

Fading beauty

Your beauty is impeccable. You’re the embodiment of perfection. I like to contemplate your face and relaxed gestures to see what a free person looks like. You laugh heartly. You run your hands through your wavy hair calmly, and you give out smiles so casually. You’re not war-torn. Beauty reminds me of the many things […]

Never Forgotten

I’ll always remember your sweet face.Your gentle words and ways.You only spoke to heal, not hurt.You let me lean on your shoulder when I was down.You held my hand when I was scared.You told me to have faith, to have hope.You assured me that injustice doesn’t prevail, that better days were coming.That beauty of manners […]

Healing Words

I owe you so much. When you came into my life, I learned to laugh again. Not because you kept telling me jokes. You made me feel worthy. You listened to the words I said. You read my writing and told me I was the best writer ever. It was rare that others acknowledged my […]


I’m glad we met before the world started leaving its marks on my face. I was young and vibrant. My concerns were little. My eyes sparkled with life, and energy permeated every cell within. Then I ran into a gang of thieves. The thieves had warplanes and missiles. They had lethal weapons of many kinds. […]