Another Attack

Releasing emotions I thought I had a lot to say after the last military attack over Gaza. I wanted to pour out my heart and vengeance and tell the world what had happened. But somehow after the truce was announced, and in an attempt to find some relief, I found myself doing mundane cleaning to […]

Never Forgotten

I’ll always remember your sweet face.Your gentle words and ways.You only spoke to heal, not hurt.You let me lean on your shoulder when I was down.You held my hand when I was scared.You told me to have faith, to have hope.You assured me that injustice doesn’t prevail, that better days were coming.That beauty of manners […]

Life Flies

Life is flying by too quickly for me and I can’t hold on. Like I’m in a race car without a gear. Too much happening all at once. I try my best to understand this by having these conversations inside my head. When I was growing up, the pace was much slower. Everything took time. […]

My Child

She loved to caress her child as he slept in her arms. He was getting too big to be held, but she couldn’t let go of him. She combed his eyebrows with her forefinger, and ran her hands through his hair. ‘Your eyes are exactly like your father’s. Your skin is the same color.’ She […]

Till death do us part

The assortment of flowers he bought was always unique. Sometimes it was all red roses, sometimes white carnations and daffodils. When he handed me the bouquet my heart raced, its beauty was captivating. This was a person who valued all things exquisite.  His style of clothing was just as attractive. He preferred the neat casual […]

Letting Go

Freedom fighters put their lives on the line for the sake of their people. They deserve all the medals of honor.